Other OSes


Node.js Module

TAME v0.9BETA20, Node.js Module 58 KB
Node.js 8.11+

Contains just the TAME interpreter for Node.js as an importable module. Same as what is exported from tamec --js-engine-node-lib.

Other Downloads

TAME Library

TAME v0.9BETA20, Java Binaries/Resources 1 MB
Java JAR, No Dependencies (Java 8+)

Contains JUST the TAME library Jar, plus Maven-style Javadocs and Sources Jars. No compiler/client main classes.

TAME Source

TAME v0.9BETA20 Java/JS Implementation Source Code 289 KB
Contains Apache Ant build files.

Contains the TAME source code (just TAME, no dependencies). Dependencies can be downloaded and built via the ANT build script.