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PatternCache - Class in com.tameif.tame.util
A caching structure for all RegEx patterns.
playerToRoomStack - Variable in class com.tameif.tame.element.context.TOwnershipMap
Room stack.
parse(CharSequence) - Method in class com.tameif.tame.lang.FormatParser
Parses a string and calls the tag methods
popRoomFromPlayer(TPlayer) - Method in class com.tameif.tame.element.context.TOwnershipMap
Pops a room off of a player's room stack.
power(Value, Value) - Static method in class com.tameif.tame.lang.Value
Returns the result of one value raised to a certain power.
processCommand(TAMERequest, TAMEResponse, TAMECommand) - Static method in class com.tameif.tame.TAMELogic
Processes a single action.
pushRoomOntoPlayer(TPlayer, TRoom) - Method in class com.tameif.tame.element.context.TOwnershipMap
Pushes a room onto a player's room stack.
put(String, Value) - Method in class com.tameif.tame.lang.ValueSet
Sets a value on this hash.
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