Function: Fix
Function: Fix

Function: Fix


Returns a value rounded to a nearest aribitrary place.


Parameter Type Description
NUMBER VALUE(FLOAT) The input value.
PLACE VALUE(INTEGER) The place to round to.


VALUE(FLOAT) The input value, rounded to the nearest chosen place.

What It Does

This function takes a numeric value and rounds it to the nearest designated place. The PLACE parameter's value determines that place: 0 for whole numbers, positive values for each place after the decimal point (1 is tenths, 2 is hundredths, ...), and negative values for places before it (-1 is tens, -2 is hundreds, ...). The input value is interpreted as a floating-point number, and the place value is interpreted as an integer.

	a = fix(15.25, 0);     // a = 15.0
	a = fix(15.25, -1);    // a = 20.0
	a = fix(15.25, 1);     // a = 15.3

Calling fix(X, 0) is equivalent to:


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