Function: TAN
Function: TAN

Function: TAN

Tan ( NUMBER )

Returns the trigonometric tangent of a value.


Parameter Type Description
NUMBER VALUE(FLOAT) The input value.


VALUE(FLOAT) The tangent of the input value.

What It Does

This function takes a numeric value and returns the trigonometric tangent of it. The input value is assumed to be in radians. The input value is interpreted as a floating-point number.

	a = tan(0);            // a = 0.0
	a = tan(pi() / 2);     // a = 1.6E16
	a = tan(pi());         // a = -1.2E-16
	a = tan(3 * pi() / 2); // a = 5.4E15
	a = tan(2 * pi());     // a = -2.4E-16

Additional Technical Notes

The return value of this function relies on TAME's implementation of Tangent, which may be slightly different between implementations.

Due to rounding issues, you may be better off epsilon-rounding the return value, as some results that should be 0 may be nonzero, but very small.


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